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Authentic vintage props are key to creating a themed event.

All of our props are authentic and have been lovingly collected from various sources. Analogue Sound has the best examples of common vintage props, and some rare items too.

The vintage props we have range from 1960s/1970s suitcases, a 1970s peacock chair, record players, polaroids, walkmans, ornaments, soft furnishings and many other items. Some of the props are functional, others are purely aesthetic.

If you are trying to create a theme then hiring a collection of items is a great idea. Please get in touch for an accurate quote for your needs.

1960s/70s props


We have a vast collection of 1960s/70s props, in fact our house is full of these! We have suitcases that can be used for wedding cards and presents, telephones, polaroids, pineapple ice buckets and other kitsch ornaments that have never been reproduced.

Our authentic 1970s wicker Peacock chair is ideal as a centrepiece at an event. Allow guests to pose on the chair in a few vintage clothes, hats and props (which we will also provide) to create a unique photograph experience.

Vintage suitcases have many viable uses at weddings and parties. They look cool stacked up, or they can be more functional to hold presents, cards or place settings. We have a large collection of these in different colours, so can match your themed colour.

Our polaroid and 35mm cameras come in all shapes and sizes and are a great edition to a themed event. Some of our cameras are still fully functional, but often people want these items for display purposes only. Polaroid films are still available for these old models, but it is worth noting that they only take 10 shots per film and are quite expensive, but if you want to go authentic, it's the only way!

We have a large range of smaller props that can be combined for a great effect. Here we have an authentic rotary dial phone from the 1970s with an address book from the same period. We also have flamenco dancer ornaments, pink flamingos, pineapple ice bucket, large collection of vinyl, soft furnishings such as fabrics/cushions and lots more.

1980s/90s props


We have a huge range of kitsch and often brightly coloured props from the 1980s/90s. These range from small items such as My Little Pony, to large items such as a tube colour TV.

Our props from this period are varied to say the least. Here we have a Cadburys metal tray with Beano and Dandy comics for your guests to flick through.

We have a large range of toys and ornaments, here is a small collection of our original Star Wars toys, if only we'd kept them in the packaging!

Vintage video and board games

To create an activity for guests, we have a large collection of games to hire. Above is a small selection of our retro video games stash. Pictured are a Snes, N64 and Commodore Amiga. All consoles will be provided with a selection of games, vintage controllers and if required, a vintage TV to play them through.

Pictured above is a vintage microswitched joystick. We have memories of going through a few of these per year playing 'wiggle as fast as you can' type games on our Commodore 64 and Amiga. The more robust 'Zipstick' can be provided if you want to play these kinds of games. So nostalgic!

We have a selection of vintage board games for your guests to play. Pictured above is Twister, Downfall, Buckaroo, Screwball Scramble, Operation and Go For Broke. These games will take you straight back to your childhood as soon as you open the lid.

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