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Live Music

Choosing the right band, duo or solo act for your event is a tricky task...

You have to think of the type of music you want, how many members, the equipment they bring, how much space they need, etc. The internet is now littered with bands and agencies, making the selection process seem like a daunting task. Analogue Sound has a fairly modest selection of bands, duos and solo artists, but all the acts are very cool, quirky and often quite alternative to the norm. Many of the acts have a big life beyond weddings and parties where they play at venues and festivals too (which is shown on their profile pages).

...If you're looking for a band for a wedding or party who don't look or sound like a wedding band, then you're in the right place.


Our bands start at a 3 piece (trio) and go as large as a 10 piece in some scenarios. Bands can be used for the end of the night to party along with, or as background music for people to talk over. The genres move around from Reggae, Soul, Gypsy Jazz and Funk, but the vibe remains alternative, kitsch and quirky throughout.

See our bands here


Our Duos and trios are often more acoustic based and suited for background or scene setting music. They are also ideal for daytime events inside or out. They create a festival/live lounge type vibe which can give an event a touch of cool.

See our duos here


Our solo acts are very varied in their styles and approaches. Most play quite chilled music, but a few use loopers or even play more instruments at once to create a huge sound for one person.

See our solo acts here

If you're looking for a more conventional Party type band, please click here

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