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Jukeboxes are a great way to involve your guests in an event. They are also a good way of creating or reinforcing a theme to an event.

All of our jukeboxes are authentic 'period' items and not hybrid facias with a bluetooth speaker inside, they are all the real deal. Due to this you get the classic sound of the decade the item was built, which is super cool! There are however a few drawbacks with each of the players that need to be considered, the main one being the time it takes to change from one song to the next. This makes it difficult to use these jukeboxes on the dancefloor, unless you have extremely patience dancers. Therefore, we recommend that our jukeboxes are used for daytime/background situations, or as a purely aesthetic addition.

This being said, all of our jukeboxes have been serviced and work as well as they did when new...even those items built in the 1960s. Each jukebox will be provided with music from that period (on either CD, Cassette tape or Vinyl). The 1990s CD jukebox is the only item that needs to be 'pre-loaded' before the event. If you would prefer music in the jukebox that is special to you, this can also be arranged.

Each Jukebox can be paired with items from our 'Props' page, to help reinforce a theme of the 1960s-1990s.


1960s/70s Auto-loader record players


Vintage record players are a really cool way to add background music to an event. They benefit from the 'autoloader' feature of the day, which allows you to load up to 5 records on top of each other. At the end of each album, the mechanism will drop the next record and play it from the start. When it does this, there is a gap of about 5-10 seconds maximum, and then the satisfying vinyl crackle as the next album starts!

This Marconiphone player has a nice middle and treble tone and is ideal for background music that you want people to talk over. Our other red fidelity model has a much bassier sound for louder scenarios. Both of our record players have their own built in speaker, so no separate amp or speaker is required. Due to the age of these record players, they don't have an output on them to connect to a different speaker, the best bet is to put a microphone in front of the speaker if you want to put the sound through a bigger PA.

We can send a 1970s G-plan record cabinet along with the record player to complete the look, or the player can be put on an existing table at your venue. As with all our jukeboxes, music for playback will be provided. As standard we will send a selection of 20 records in a vintage suitcase.

1980s Ghetto Blasters


Our 1980s authentic Ghetto Blaster/Boomboxes are the ideal addition to an 80s themed event. We have 2 available, a Ferguson and a Hitachi. These players were popular with breakdancers in the 1980s, they were nicknamed 'Ghetto' blasters as the people living in ghettos in the USA were famously the people using them. The style of players we have can be seen in films such as Boyz in the Hood.

These players can be run from the mains, or on batteries, making them completely portable around your venue, and even outside. They play extremely loudly, as they were designed specifically for this purpose.

Typically, they don't offer gapless playback, but we have produced an Analogue Sound Awesome mixtape which can be used with no gaps between tracks. The players have an audio output so can be used by a DJ through a larger system, if required.

All our jukeboxes will be provided with a selection of 80s cassette tapes, in authentic 80s tape cases (these are very kitsch indeed!) For a personal touch you could add a personalised mix tape for your event. This can be produced by Analogue Sound in our studios, just ask!

Sound Leisure 1990s CD Jukebox

This is a great example of a CD jukebox that was seen in pubs and clubs throughout the 90s. It can hold up to 60 CDs at the bottom, and above the mechanism there are inlay cards for you to make your next selection. The inlay card scroll across with the red left and right buttons near the coin slot.

As standard, this jukebox is set to free play, but this can be switched to a coin useage for complete authenticity! We will send the original CD cases with the Jukebox, so your guests can look through the original graphics (the CD cases will also have the jukebox selection number on). The Jukebox will come preloaded with 60 CDs from the 1990s which cover a wide spectrum of music from the decade. Personalised CDs can be inserted into the Jukebox, with an inlay card for an additional fee.

This jukebox has its own built in amp, so can be connected to any passive speakers. We will provide a pair of 1990s Sony speakers as standard. The great feature about this jukebox is that it has 3 separate speaker feeds, so with some extra speaker cables we can setup 6 speakers around your venue to spread the sound around.

This jukebox doesn't offer gapless playback as it takes several seconds (about 5-10) for the CD to change and select the next track. This makes the jukebox unsuitable for dancefloors (unless you have very patient dancers!)

A real piece of history for people growing up in the 90s. It will take your guests back to a time of fishing around for 50 pence to play their favourite track for everyone to hear (or 3 for a pound if they wanted value for money).


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